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Getting the Hang of Things

While we are all in a "Stay-At-Home" Mentality due to COVID-19, I decided it was important for my own sanity to stay creative.

And so, Here we have it! I created a web page, and a blog site to keep myself busy.

Since many of us are in the same boat, let's look at the positive side of staying at home.



are given this opportunity to have family time! Family time is a vital piece of growing up in this world. For those of us that grew up having working parents that we only saw first thing in the mornings, at dinner time and sometimes the weekends, they were strangers to us. They may not have known what was really going on in our day to day lives, or how school was going. Maybe they didn't know who your crush was at the time, or even what you had for lunch.

Here we are, being given this time BACK! Get to know your kids again, and kids, get to know your parents and recognize the hard work they put into making sure all your needs are met.

Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to check out my homepage. Don't forget to check out and follow my Facebook Page Pastor Jenn Moreno

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