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Finding Kesh 'Oved Online Faith Ministries on Facebook!

As we move forward with Kesh 'Oved Online Faith Ministries, it is time to give it it's own Facebook Page.

Please like and share our Ministry page as we work to create a safe and loving atmosphere for everyone to be apart of.

This isn't just about Pastor Jenn, It's about a group of us, coming together as a family, and giving each other the love, support, and the help we can give one another.

As we move forward with this ministry, we invite you to join us in prayer, as we move into different phases.

We have been called to Feed His Sheep and protect them. This is what Pastor Jenn, Kendra, and many others who support this ministry are doing.

Our Worship experiences will never be the same!

As we prepare to gather again in our church buildings, and with each other, we will need to be mindful of what is going on in the world.

We need to understand many congregations will not be able to survive the losses they have had, and many churches will be faced with closing their physical doors due to a lack of financial assistance in order to help those places continue their mission.

Many pastors will be faced with the loss of congregational members and budget deficits which will not rebound fast due to the unemployment rates in our communities.

This will cause many pastors to seek Bi-Vocational employment outside the church.

Full-time pastors will become part-time pastors OR Pastors will no longer have congregations to lead.

As a pastor going through this situation right now, I choose NOT to let this tear me down OR those that call me their pastor! I choose to embrace the future, and work to create something NEW!

ONLINE Worship is the future for all of us!

In time, we will be able to gather together in person, but until we can, we need to use all the technology we have available in order to be together.

I am blessed and honored God has given me this calling, and that I have the support of so many.

Will you continue to support and worship with us?

We have envisioned a "missional model congregation", What's this mean?

It means you do NOT have to officially become a "MEMBER" of Kesh 'Oved to use your gifts, talents, graces, and worship with us!

Should you choose to join us, we are not called members.

We are called Family and we all have a purpose.

Everyone is welcome!

Will you help us find lost sheep and help us love them too? That's what it's all about! Not Converting others, NOT judging, but loving and caring.

Will you join me in loving one another without borders and without conditions?

Thank you for your support!

I have been blessed with this vision, and even more blessed to be called to be a shepherd for ALL the Lost Sheep I have come in contact with!

I love you all!

Love and Blessings,

Pastor Jenn

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