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Even In The Wilderness, there is Rebirth, Resurrection, and Rejuvenation

Rebirth, Resurrection, and Rejuvenation


Two of my favorite seasons of the year have always been Fall, and Spring.

Spring is an astonishing time of the year as it brings Rebirth of things that have gone into hibernation in Fall the year before.

As Spring arrives, we see new buds on the trees, blooms waiting to come out to show their color and fragrant scent; eventually turning into sweet refreshing fruit, we all enjoy in the heat of the summer. How awesome is this?

Calves, sheep, foals, and other babies are born to repopulate the earth and to give us

smiles and joy, as we watch them play and grow. Later they give their lives to the nourishment of our bodies. This is known as the Circle of Life.

I do miss this part of living on a farm and ranch. I was born and raised around farm animals and taught to appreciate the simple things, like two baby foals playing and wrestling together, or sheep leaping around, with no cares or judgments in the world. I was raised to appreciate the beauty in the simplest of forms including the budding trees and flowers.

April brings us an important time in our personal relationships with God.

We started this process in February with Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.

We will end Lent on April 9th with our Maundy Thursday Online Service; as people gather to prepare to remember the unselfish sacrifice Jesus Christ did for each and every single one of us, when He was hung on the cross and died for our sins.

This month brings us the joy of Resurrection! Resurrection and knowledge that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Lives! He paid the ultimate price for all of us, as sinners! He made us clean and white as snow.

We are NOW worthy lambs of God and can be presented to Him as clean and pure children.

Easter gives us rejuvenation! We are given refreshed feelings, and it prepares us for new beginnings.

This is especially important in our church family right now, as we begin a new chapter in our congregational life as brothers and sisters, and children of God.

As we walked through the wilderness together, we look forward to our horizon’s, I am reminded of a famous Prayer we have all heard before,

“Lord, you said that once I decided to follow You, we would walk side by side through life; but when I needed You most, I saw only ONE set of footprints in the sand. The Lord replied, “I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was THEN that I carried YOU.”

God is always with us, He is always present in everything we do. Rejuvenating us with his Holy Spirit and his words of encouragement. Showing us His song of joy in the sound of the Mourning Doves that sing on Sunday Mornings when we are in worship. Showing us His presence in the smile of a child. Displaying His devotion and love to us by carrying us through our hardest times.

As we step onto the sands of time and begin our search for a new senior pastor, we remember the rebirth we are given in spring, the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Rejuvenation given to us through the unwavering love of God as he carries us through these challenging times.

Take joy in knowing that God is always with us, and His undying love is carrying us as we journey together as a family, towards the eternal glory He has promised to us as his Children.

Thank you, God, for always being with us and guiding us as we praise Your name for the rebirth, resurrection, and rejuvenation You are pouring out onto YOUR Children!

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